Eye People
Location White Desert A
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Standard reactions to Cat, Knife and Stoplight effects.


The Eye People are NPCs located in White Desert A.

They seem to be monochrome human-like characters with a big eye for a face. They all walk normally, all at the same time, although slightly hunched over. They don't really have much detail other than that. They are located in the Eye Box in the White Deset A in a large group.

They are accessible by stabbing the eye box with the Knife, there is an one in thirty chance of it teleporting you to the area with these NPCs; to go back to the desert stab the eye box again for the one in thirty chance of a teleport.


They don't really seem to do much except just walk around. They, like most NPCs, show the standard reactions to Cat, Knife and Stoplight effects.


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