When exploring the dream world, Madotsuki will occasionally come across strange occurrences or activities, known as 'Events'. These make up most of the memorable content of the game and provide intriguing perspectives of the dream world. Many theories are developed to attempt to explain what the events represent, if anything.

Some events happen as a result of a specific trigger (E.g. Madotsuki interacting with an object, such as the TV in her dream bedroom), whereas others (such as Uboa or Takofuusen) occur on a random chance when a certain action is performed.

Gameplay EventsEdit


Location: The Number World

Prompt: Trigger. Stab the Toriningen in the bed room with the Knife effect to turn her 'lunatic', then allow her to catch you. You will be randomly transported to one of two different enclosed spaces where the event occurs, with an equal chance of either.

Description: The tile on the floor will either have a red eye or 'あ' character (The alphabetical character for "A" in hiragana). Either will cause the whole floor to become flooded with that symbol once stepped on.


One of two locations for this event.


The other location.

Crick in the NeckEdit

Location: Madotsuki's Room

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/64 chance of occurring when Madotsuki wakes up.

Description: Occasionally, when Madotsuki gets out of bed she will have a 'crick' in her neck, causing her head to be constantly turned to the left. In this state, she is unable to write in her diary or play NASU, and has no choice but to go back to sleep. The effect will wear off when she falls asleep again.

Looking Left
Crick in the neck

The Falling ManEdit

Location: The Stairway to the Sky in The Wilderness that leads to the Sky Garden.

Prompt: Random Chance. Determined when Madotsuki sets foot on the Stairway to the Sky. Description: An object resembling a person appears in the sky in the distance. It spins as if falling downward, however the figure moves in a circular motion and never actually hits the ground. There is an extremely low chance of witnessing two 'falling men' at once. Video of an encounter with two Falling Men, achieved through hacking.


Two simultaneous falling men.

Staircase no event

Without the event.

Famicom GlitchEdit

Location: The empty basement room of the dungeon in FC World A.

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/3 chance of availability, determined when Madotsuki falls asleep. In the FC World Dungeon, travel to the deepest room. Unlike the others, this room is fully lit. Stand in the top-left corner of the room and interact with the west wall.

Description: When interacted with, the wall tile produces a text box with a 'typing' sound like the Lizardmen, but no text is shown. Doing this repeatedly gradually causes the room to corrupt, until the game eventually 'crashes' with a nasty stuttering sound. This causes Madotsuki to wake up.

Note that despite the event name, this is not an actual glitch and is intentionally programmed to happen. Video. This event is possibly a homage to two glitches found in Earthbound, the game which the FC Worlds seem to be based on:


The dire consequences of mingling with a wall.


The room where the event takes place.

Melting MadotsukiEdit


Location: The Blazing Corridor, in The Underground World

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/5, Dependent on the random allocation of the Bed in the dream world which takes you to The Staircase of Hands.

The first step for witnessing this event is to go to the Snow World and become a snowman using the Hat and Scarf effect.

Next, find the bed and sleep in it as a snowman. If it does not take you to the Staircase of Hands, you must pinch yourself awake and try again.

Once you have arrived in the Underground World, stand as close as you can to the fire in the Blazing Corridor.

Description: Once You have arrived at the fire as a snowman, all you must do is wait as Madotsuki slowly melts away. Once completely melted, she cannot move and must return to the normal hat and scarf form.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply transform using the Yuki-onna snow as that does not cease after becoming a snowman, so it will persist in the Underground World and douse the fire. It is for this reason that the Snow World snowfall must be used.


Location: Madotsuki's Room

Prompt: Trigger. Interact with the Famicom in Madotsuki's Bedroom.

Description: The most extensive event, NASU is a Famicom-style minigame, playable in Madotsuki's Room. In this game, players go for the high score by catching falling eggplants into the mouth of a red character.


Nasu title

The title screen.


Sisyphus with eggplants.

Severed Heads in the SkyEdit

Location: The third White Path in the White Desert

Prompt: Trigger. Walk into the small building at the end of the path.

Description: A severed head floats through the sky near the top of the screen. There are two severed heads, one being a woman and the other being a man.


The female severed head.


The male severed head.



Takofuusen floats on by.

Location: The White Desert

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/3600 chance of appearing in every 0.5 second interval when you stay in the White Desert, specifically the main map accessible from Block World. By probability, it may appear once in every half hour.

Description: Takofuusen appears, floats past the screen making an odd sound that is similar to a drum beat, and is gone.

See: Takofuusen



Location: Poniko's House, in the Pink Sea

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/64 chance of occurring when Madotsuki switches off the light, determined when she enters the house, or 5 seconds later after switching the light off.

Description: When the event is triggered, there will be a brief flash of light. Uboa will replace Poniko's sprite, and the entire house will shake and completely change its form. Madotsuki will be unable to turn the light back
on or leave Poniko's house. By walking up to Uboa, Madotsuki will be transported to a looped room with a bleeding creature in the background and the music from the White Desert playing. The only way to get out of this room is to pinch yourself awake or use the Medamaude effect. When Poniko is killed while the event is triggered, Uboa will not appear (without Poniko's sprite), only Madotsuki trapped in the shaking reformed house.

See: Uboa

UFOs on MarsEdit

Location: The Martian Summit on Mars

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/4 chance of appearing when Madotsuki meows with the Cat effect on the Martian Summit.

Description: Strange objects appear from the sky and hover in the air when called repeatedly with the Cat effect. You have 35 attempts to meowing them to appear. By the probability, an average eight UFOs can be summoned each time you enter the screen.  The same object is seen over the distant city from the eastern edge of the Sky Garden.


The Martian Summit.


11 UFOs in the Martian sky.

The Witch's FlightEdit


The Mall Rooftop.


Soaring through the sky.

Location: The Mall Rooftop

Prompt: Trigger. Equip the Witch effect, mount the broom and fly off the edge of the roof.

Description: Using the Witch effect and flying to the right side of the building will yield a flash. After the flash, you are able to control Madotsuki flying through the clouds, in the style of a 2D arcade game. Pressing the interact button lets the player return back to the rooftop. Pressing 1 causes the broom to disappear mid-flight, causing the screen to black out. The dream then ends prematurely with Madotsuki lying on the floor. There is also a black cat on top of the roof, which has 1/64 chance to appear on a place where Madotsuki can interact with while on the rooftop, which can be triggered by accessing the rooftop, either from the stairway or by returning to it from the event.


Madotsuki lying on the floor.

Cinematic EventsEdit

There are a number of events that can be found across the many dream worlds that stop the action of the game and show full-screen pictures with music, similar to cutscenes in traditional games. Some of these events continue for a determined amount of time, whereas others must be dismissed by the player.

The Aztec Rave MonkeyEdit

Location: The Rave Box, in the Wilderness

Prompt: Trigger. Interact with the hollow Rave Box.

Description: One of the most popular events is the "Aztec Rave Monkey" that appears when Madotsuki looks into a conspicuous hollow totem sculpture found in a certain area of The Wilderness. It shows the many iterations of a certain design repeated often throughout the game, that of an Aztec-style monkey-like image with four faces. A synth beat plays during this scene. The character can also be seen as backgrounds for the Block World and Forest World.

See: The Aztec Rave Monkey


The location of this event.


The Aztec Rave Monkey itself.

The Drawings in the SewersEdit

Location: The Sewers

Prompt: Trigger. There are several apertures in the walls of the sewers that lead to Big Red. Interacting with them causes several drawings to appear. More on these in the link above.

Description: When interacting them, it will zoom in, giving you a chance to look at it, The drawings mostly represent Madotsuki's drawings.


The EndingEdit

Location: Madotsuki's Balcony

Prompt: Trigger. Drop all Effects in The Nexus, then awaken and walk out onto the Balcony.

WARNING: The following link leads to spoilers

Description: See The Ending for details.


Location: The Staircase, in the Number World

Prompt: There is a chance that the zipper wall on the south-east corner of the number world will, unlike the usual zipper walls, be discolored and have an angry/sad expression on it instead of the usual smile. Stabbing it when in this state causes it to bleed and reveal a pathway, similarly in fashion to the Guillotine Room. The pathway then leads to KyuuKyuuKun's Room.

Description: "FACE" is an event that occurs when Madotsuki opens the door at the top of the Stairway, in the Number World. Known as the Red King (赤の王様) by Japanese fans, FACE appears when one exits the stairway which is accessed from the Number World. It is often associated with KyuuKyuu-kun and used as evidence by some fans to support the theory that Madotsuki has some kind of trauma involving penises. The interpretation of FACE being a penis head further expresses this. This animation cannot be skipped and continues for approximately ten seconds before Madotsuki awakens abruptly.



The staircase leading to the event.


A frame from the FACE animation.

The KALIMBA TV ChannelEdit


A frame from the KALIMBA Channel animation.

Location: Madotsuki's Dream Room

Prompt: Random Chance. 1/7 Chance of appearing when the TV is switched on in Madotsuki's Dream Room. The chance is determined once per dream.

Description: When the event has been activated, the TV sprite will show the face of one of the "Kalimba creatures". The screen then fades to black and two oppositely-scrolling rows of tribal African-stylized figures are shown. The figures appear to be armless humanoids with their heads tilted sideways and long, zigzagging tongues spilling from their mouths. During the event, a tribal/electronic rhythm plays on a short loop. The name comes from both the background music track and the images being labelled as "KALIMBA" in the game's files, after the instrument used in the event's music.


Location: Monoe's Tunnel in the White Desert

Prompt: Trigger. Stab Dave Spector with the Knife effect and enter the nearby tunnel from the left. Find Monoe and interact with her.

Description: A detailed close-up of her fades in briefly as she vanishes, teleporting randomly to another position in the room.

See: Monoe


The staircase leading to the event.


Monoe gets a little too close.


Location: White Desert

Prompt: Trigger. There is a path that leads directly east/west within the main White Desert map that terminates/begins at a cave. Within this cave is an unassuming monochromatic young girl. Using the Traffic Light effect, however, causes her NPC to transform from a normal girl into a five-armed one. Interacting with her in this state triggers the event.

Description: Monoko has a full-screen event in which a drawing of her bounces around the screen and changes size. A tribal sounding beat plays over this sequence.

See: Monoko


Monoko's tunnel.


The Monoko event.

The Spaceship CrashEdit

Location: The Spaceship

Prompt: Random Chance. When Madotsuki gets into bed on the Spaceship, there is a 1/6 chance she will fall asleep and the event will occur.

Description: Madotsuki awakens to the sound of an alarm going off. When she gets out of bed, the red emergency lights are flashing and the Spaceship is losing altitude. Masada will be panicking at the organ, and after about 15 seconds a cutscene of the ship crashing on Mars will play.

Spaceship Alert
Crash Cutscene

The cutscene.