Location Witch's Island
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Stoplight: Freezes

Dekishi-san (or Drowning Person) is an unreachable NPC and one of the many water creatures in the game. You can observe Dekishi-san moving around in the murky waters next the bridge that leads to the Witch's Island.

While one side of their body is a desaturated green, the other side along with the head is a saturated red. As the colours clash and follow the visual illusion called chromostereopsis, they leave an alarming impact.

In the middle of the headshape is a black circle that looks similar to the one of the Nopperabou Witches when you use the Cat Effect in their proximity. The entire body shape has a black outer line. Dekishi-san reacts normally with Cat and Stoplight effect. Like other water creatures they can't be reached.


  • Their fan-given name stems from appearing like a humanoid seen from the torso up, with both hands in the air and the circle shape appearing like a scream, thus someone who is drowning and calling for help.

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