Dave Spector (Nazca culture)

Dave Spector (Nazca culture)Edit

220px-Nazca - Female Effigy Figure

Nazca Female Effigy Figure, made of sperm whale tooth, shell and hair

The Nazca culture (also Nasca) was an archaeological culture that flourished from 100 BCE to 800 CE beside the dry southern coast of Peru in the river valleys of the Rio Granda de Nazca drainage and the Ica Valley.
Dave Spector

Dave Spector is Big eye(Nazca Figure?)

Dave Spector (Manhunt)Edit

Dave Spector(Manhunt)00:26

Dave Spector(Manhunt)

"That version ends when all players who are not safe are out."(Manhunt)

Manhunt is a mixture of hide and seek and tag, often played during the day. One person is it, while the other players have to hide. Then, the person who is it tries to find and tag them. The game is over when all players are out. Manhunt is sometimes played with teams. In one variant there is a home base in which a player is safe. That version ends when all players who are not safe are out.

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