Dark World BGM

The Dark World is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from The Nexus.
It is an extremely dark, openly-looping world that is difficult to see without using the Lamp effect to light it up. Doing so reveals the intricate floor patterns that can be used to navigate. The patterns on the floor mostly resemble designs of Aztec or African masks.

Points of InterestEdit

  • This world is very dark, so it is difficult to see characters or objects without using the Lamp effect.
  • The Knife effect can be found here. It is picked up off the ground between the two floor patterns that look like hands.
  • There are 3 Pissipissini that roam this world. They are barely visible in the darkness.
  • The ghost named Follony is also found here. Unlike the other ghosts, it does not give any effects, but will follow Madotsuki erratically if it sees her.



  • The tiny Knife rests on the ground in this unlighted, looping location of massive size. Some fans thus suggest that Madotsuki wanted to hide it away.
  • The fact that the somber Dark World is available to be entered from The Nexus, while various mellow dream locations are harder to reach has led to speculation regarding Madotsuki and her personality or backstory.
  • The Triangle Kerchief effect was obtained here in older versions of the game.
  • Older versions of the game lacked the iconic floor patterns present in this map.