Closet Madotsuki
Location The Checkered Tile Path
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction None

Closet Madotsuki is in a closet found on the floating island in the Checkered Tile Path with what seems to be a sleeping Madotsuki inside. It can only be accessed by interacting with a shorter-than-average lamp in lamp world. It can be viewed best by using the Severed Head or Midget effects while opening it, as all other effects are too big to see inside the closet properly.

She can be seen in Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-, next to a collectible at the right of the lamp effect, in a lone hidden platform. The room is located on the second floor inside the Dark School.


  • It could be a metaphor of Madotsuki's wish to hide herself from the world.
  • And/or, it could be a metaphor of the phrase "Come out of the closet". This could represent Madotsuki's possible homosexuality or maybe transgender, because in the world you can access both male bathrooms and female bathrooms (possible representation of gender dysphoria).