Bloody Touching Monster
Ƒ‚ƒm”wŒi 004
Location Uboa's Trap World
Role None
Size Large
Effect Reaction None

The Bloody Touching Monster (or Akumu, Uboa's Trap) is found in the background after Uboa transports you to this inescapable area.


This extremely large, seemingly distant creature is mainly black with four, deformed right arms and a left leg, all holding onto or stepping on hills. It has large red eyes, a red mouth vomiting what appears to be blood, and has long, flowing, red hair, which may just be more blood. There also seems to be two instances of blood spraying from the body. All of its features are outlined in what may be graphite. Because of its coloring and many limbs (as well as the music), it is likely a part of the White Desert.


The Bloody Touching Monster cannot be interacted with in any way, due to being part of a background graphic.


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