• GreenToxic

    Hello everyone!! I am here to let you all know that TODAY is Yume Nikki's 13th birthday!! It's amazing that we have came this far in such a short time. Yume Nikki is an amazing game that needs to be recognized more, and hopefully it will be for years to come. Hopefully one of these days we get an exciting update or something, or we finally figure out who KIKIYAMA is or something like that!! That would be amazing. Everyone, post a picture to celebrate. Another ting, and this is a question: how did you all discover Yume Nikki, and when? Maybe I'll post my answer. Thanks to all of you for your support through the years, and may Madotsuki live on!! The dream isn't over!!

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  • Dankbooty

    is any one here?

    August 14, 2016 by Dankbooty
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  • Neurostripes

    I've been wandering around and I've ran across this. In the noclip video it doesn't show this weird thing. I wonder what IS this. It's from the game itself,I suck at editing anyway.

    Just so you know what I mean,here's a picture.

    Well,this is odd. I really want to know what this is. It might be some kind of error or something. Reminding you I'm using the noclip glitch/"effect".

    Then again,here's how it NORMALLY looks.

    Weird,isn't it?

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  • TonicHedgefox

    he doesn't have the same name as he does here, but he's not japanese but learnt it because he was in japan for 4 years or something

    please i think he's lying

    he's claimed to been working on a sequel and asked if uboa should be in the game

    "Your Character did something horrible The Worlds will be based around guilt Hatred Anger(edited) Fear And Depression And Confusion The Character will be called "Sakutsuki" Sakuru means Circle"

    i know he's probably lying but he apparently found this

    this is the game

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  • A-Very-Spoopy-Ghost


    January 10, 2016 by A-Very-Spoopy-Ghost

    I need some help with the game I guess? There's practically no hints or story in this game if you're looking at the surface, not including theories and fan speculation

    Due to this I'm having trouble progressing through to get all the effects.

    At the moment I'm pretty sure I only have 1-2 Effects (last time I played, it was a while ago so my memory's a bit rough), Cat (ねこ). I know this leads NPCs closer and causes reactions in others, etc. So with this effect could someone perhaps think of a... I dunno, guide of sorts? So I can complete the game ultimately.

    Please and thank you

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  • Nula is Nula

    Has anyone tried this?

    October 14, 2015 by Nula is Nula

    I had this idea today:

    Listen to a song from Yume Nikki on loop while I sleep, and see if it affects my dreams. 

    I'm planning to try this within the next couple of days, so I'll update this post with the results.  Probably.

    Has anybody done this before, though?  And if so, what happened?

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  • Saytenn

    Madotsuki is actually a rabbit that injects marmalade.

    Want some proof?

    She goes fast when bike = chair, and her goal is to escape from the Bird Army that tries to take her precious fruit preserves. She must collect all teh Estur Egz so she can build a stepladur 2 throw Strawberry Jam as a distraction and escape.

    Go ahead. Try to prove me wrong. You can't.

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  • PierrotEclipse

    Have you guys noticed this?

    The door in Madotsuki's room that she refuses to go through? It's in the Dream World. Not just as the door to the Nexus..but it's also the door leading to the FACE event. In Kyuu-Kyu-Kun's room, the door past him? Madotsuki's door. I believe that this represents her fear that her rapist will be behind the door if she opens it.

    I decided to grab pictures of the two doors I'm speaking of. Here they are.

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  • Crawler3333

    Hello, guys !! It's ten years of Yume Nikki, and what better occasion to bother you all with my short tribute video ? I made it time ago, and I eventually decided to explain why (in my opinion) the lyrics can fit to the video-game itself in the description. Just note that such connection will inevitably contain a MASSIVE SPOILER about the game ending, so you have been warned.

    What do you think about it ?

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  • Evanray1
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  • Fatlenin1

    I'm working on a revamp for the characters page and also putting the non-effect NPCs into tables like the effect NPCs. Please pardon the change log spam.

    characters]] Madotsuki meets many different and bizarre characters in her dreams, ranging from ordinary people and animals, through frighteningly weird creatures to giant eldritch monsters.
    The strange behaviour and expressions of the characters in Yume Nikki seem to exhibit certain personality traits. They influence a lot of the atmosphere of the game, even if they don't actually do much at all.

    Many characters play particular role in the game. Some give Madotsuki effects when she interacts with them, whereas others may teleport her to a completely different place. Others may ignore Madotsuki …

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  • Fatlenin1

    I've regurgitated a potential redesign for the List of Locations page. It looks like shit but I think someone better than me could really make it work. Thoughts?

    Yume Nikki is a game consisting of many interconnected locations that vary wildly in theme and size. One of the goals of the game is to visit them all and witness the many events that take place there.

    The dream world is an intricate labyrinth of openly looping regions and obscure pathways, but most regions of the game can be considered as part of an individual 'world' with connections to other worlds.

    This is a list of all the central worlds of Yume Nikki. Note that in this wiki, the commonly-accepted fan names are used as the regions of the game have no official name.

    The Real World …

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  • Mt.kiki


    December 31, 2012 by Mt.kiki

    Circle Name "Mt.kiki" in 火星ピクニック2 - 2013/10/27

    SPARK8@東ホール6も33b in 火星ピクニック2 - 2013/10/27

    Japanese Translation from 火星ピクニック2 (PICNIC IN MARS 2) - 2013/9/28

    Circle Cut "Mt.kiki" in COMIC CITY SPARK8  - 2013/9/13

    A comprehensive "Wikipedia" and "Youtube" to everything from "Yume Nikki Wiki" - 2013/7/7

    'NAME' is a series by Mt.kiki, detailing their theories of the game. - 2012/12/31


    漢字(ひらがな) Kanji (Hiragana) 記号
    踊り字 (おどりじ) Iteration mark (ODORI-JI)
    木々 (きき) Mangaka (KIKI) KIKI
    山 (やま) Mountain (YAMA) Mt.
    木々山 (ききやま) Mountain-Kiki (KIKIYAMA) MT.KIKI


    Roma Japanese (Hiragana) English
    Majo no Takkyūbin 魔女の宅急便 (まじょのたっきゅうびん) Kiki's Delivery Service
    KI 木 (き) Tree
    KIKI 木木 Trees
    Hayashi 林 (はやし) Forest
    YAMA 山 (やま) Mountain
    KIKIYAMA 木木山 Trees Mountain

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  • IggyAndPkmn

    Ha, I doubt if anyone going to read this, but I just found some things in Yume Nikki that I thought were interesting...thought that maybe it could help for supporting theories and whatnot...

    So first, did anyone else notice that the puddles of blood next to the mouth monsters were the exact same puddles that were used for the ending of Yume Nikki, when Madotsuki jumped off the building and a puddle of blood was seen at the end? I donno, just thought that was strange.

    Oh and...I don't want to be perverted...but I thought some of the the sewer drawings could support theories like "Madotsuki was raped" or "Madotsuki is transgender" (which, I must say, is a pretty terrible theory in my opinion. There's too much trying to symbolize totally obscur…

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  • Ponico

    Stupid Theories 2.0

    April 5, 2012 by Ponico

    Madotsuki has to enter him when she wants to go to her room/ her home.So I can speculate that Kyukyukun was a stalker or/ and a perverse. Maybe he allways waited at the same place for her. Of the movement of his armes i can image that he allways show Madotsuki some perserse things when she had to enter him on her way home. As a perverse her allways laughted and smiled at her and wanted her to go with him to his home and to rape her.

    But whe he was only a perverse and not a stalker - he may met Madotsuki only randomly (A reason why you can find him randomly), took her at her hand and went with her to his home. They had to went upstairs and then he raped her - so I can explain why FACE was behind the door.

    (BTW: Did you know that this sipper a…

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  • NingyoHimeDoll

    Unused sprites

    December 26, 2011 by NingyoHimeDoll

    Hey! I'm italian, so please forgive my mistakes. ^^"

    What do you think about all the sprites in the Yume Nikki folder? They look like sprites from a battle game... there are folders like "FaceSet", "BattleWeapon", "Backdrop", "Battle"... °-°

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  • Misanthea


    December 10, 2011 by Misanthea
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  • Misanthea


    December 10, 2011 by Misanthea
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  • Sadofreedomist

    A little thing

    August 31, 2011 by Sadofreedomist

    In the Nexus, most of Mado's doors are a shade of pink/purple. This could probably represent both Madotsuki being a girl as well as being depressed (hence the non-colorful shades of the doors). Just occured to me.

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  • Sadofreedomist

    Does anyone know about how to acess the backgrounds in Yume NIkki?

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  • Sadofreedomist

    .rar file help

    August 12, 2011 by Sadofreedomist

    Hello denizens of the Yume NIkki Wiki, I want your help with something. I got the 7-Zip File Manager to deal with various Yume Nikki stuff. The first thing I used it for was to listen to the full Yume NIkki Soundtrack, and then I downloaded both the newest (I think) versions of .flow and Yume 2kki. I could not get either .flow nor 2kki to work despite downloading various versions of RPG Maker. When I tried to use them a bunch of indecipherable text (probably the computer not recognizing Japanese) appeared and the program closed itself. Now even the Soundtrack will not work. I want to know what I'm doing wrong, as well as if I can get other games (probably Answered Prayers). Help me Yume Nikki Wiki, you're my only hope.

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  • Wizardbaker

    For all of you fans who havn't looked at the theories, WHAT ARE YOUR THEORIES ON THE GAME

    warning,may be spoiler.

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