Big Red
Big Red
Location The Sewers
Role Accessing the Windmill World
Size Huge
Effect Reaction None
Notes Swallows Madotsuki very suddenly even while using the Stoplight

Big Red is a decorative character found at the end of The Sewers.

Appearence Edit

It is seen as a large red head resting on the ground with a huge gaping maw. It has 4 strands of red hair and a big eye as well. It does not move or react to any of Madotsuki's effects. Aside from Madotsuki herself, the whole screen is shown in shades of red and black.

Like other decorative characters, it appears suddenly and is very imposing in the way it takes up most of the screen.

When Madotsuki walks into Big Red's mouth, she is abruptly swallowed and transported to the Windmill World. It will swallow her even when her stoplight is red. This can be quite frightening to players if they do not expect it.

The music that plays here is the same one used in The Mall.


  • "Big Red" is a nickname for Satan.
  • Big Red might be the largest character in the game. However, since only its head is seen, it is not possible to tell whether it is bigger than Roary Straw or the Bloody Touching Monster.
  • By looping back out of the Windmill World through the docks, it is possible to get swallowed by Big Red multiple times.


Big Red

Big Red animated

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