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The Bed Room

Killed Bird in The Bed Room

Bed Room(Naraka (Buddhism))Edit

1 構成 1.3 正法念処経



There is small hell equipped with conditions, such as "those who killed the bird and the deer", and "those etc. who destroyed life freely willfully to the lifetime", and the contents also change with every place prisons.

Bed Room

The guilotine world can be reached by entering the bleeding wall, and stabbing the Toriningen before opening the third closet from the left teleports you to mini hell. Madotsuki's Ghost can be found here.




  1. 膝まで没するような熱灰の中を歩かされる「トウ(火+唐)煨増(とういぞう)」
  2. 糞尿と泥の河に沈められ、そこに巣食う虫たちに喰われる「屍糞増(しふんぞう)」
  3. 無数の剣が刃を立てて並ぶ道・刀刃路、刃の葉を持つ林・剣葉林、無数の剣が生えた木を登り降りさせられる・鉄刺林、これらを備えた「鋒刃増(ほうじんぞう)」
  4. 沸騰した灰水の河に落とされる「烈河増(れっかぞう)」



3 Hell(Naraka (Buddhism))


Killing, stealing, Invisible, drinking, Mogo, Jaken, Jikai human prisoners, killing arhat-parents (saint).EditEdit


Located in the lowest layer of hell.Edit

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