24 Effects Album Cover

Cover Artwork

Release Date 12th April, 2009
Label Doujin / Indie
Contributors Yuuyu / ゆうゆ (Music)

iroha / Xiao-Sphere (Music)
kiichi / OK Homapage (Music)
oiko / N-tone (Mastering)
Depthbomb / 霜 (Cover Artwork)
tamajam / Trickster.jam (Website Design)

☆24EFFECTS☆ is a free-to-download album inspired by the soundtrack of Yume Nikki.
It is a compilation album with various contributing artists, remixing samples of the background music and in-game sound effects in a variety of musical styles.
It has been well received and acclaimed by the Yume Nikki fanbase.


  1. white pool - Yuuyu
  2. Neon Flower - kiichi
  3. ON THE AIR IN THE AIR - iroha (sasaki)
  4. endleSSStation - Yuuyu
  5. 暗黒時代 (Ankoku jidai, The dark ages) - kiichi
  6. 8bit脳 (8Bit nō, 8-bit memory) - kiichi
  7. 9 A.M - alfred/snowman (kuma+iroha)
  8. disregard - Yuuyu
  9. マドツキ・イン・ワンダーランド (Madotsuki in wandārando, Madotsuki in Wonderland) - cosMo
  10. drip of <mars> - iroha (sasaki)
  11. ダメ、ムリ (Dame, muri; No good, it's impossible) - kiichi
  12. おにさんこちら (Oni-san kochira; Oni-san, come this way) - iroha (sasaki)
  13. 火星在住 (Kasei zaijū, Martian resident) - kiichi
  14. 逃避行飛行 (Tōhikō hikō, Escape flight) - Yuuyu
  15. 日記帳を閉じる日 (Nikki-chō o tojiru hi, The day the diary closed) - iroha (sasaki)


Official Website

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